The Whatsapp newsletter is history. Many companies are now wondering how to keep contacting their customers. Whatsapp has developed special business solutions for this. An overview. “Your vehicle is being cleaned and will be ready for collection shortly.” Anyone who returns their car to the BMW headquarters in Munich for inspection and asksContinue Reading

The LinkedIn career network offers a lot for B2B content marketing: Generate leads, announce events, discuss specialist topics and company news. And – soon – stories. It’s just the wrong place for crude self-promotion. There are some good reasons for companies to be active on Linkedin with their B2B content marketing too. The platform has 14 millionContinue Reading

The Fintech Penta only recently received an 18.5 million investment, now the startup wants to offer its customers even more – and also be there for them during the corona crisis. What does an açaí bowl have to do with business banking? Well, sometimes start-up ideas find their own way. This isContinue Reading

A growing number of fintechs are positioning themselves as an alternative to profit-hungry banks whose investments are driving climate change. But the newcomers threaten to be overtaken by reality. Every card payment supports a climate protection project, deposits flow into sustainably operating companies as credit – and the account fees equalizeContinue Reading

An investment researcher has chosen harsh words to warn investors about Tesla stock. The e-car maker’s paper could be the most dangerous stock on Wall Street. For Tesla stock, there seemed to have been only one path in the past few months – steeply uphill. Since the beginning of the year, Tesla has more than quintupledContinue Reading

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a suitable business account? Qonto offers a banking service that is specifically tailored to the requirements of entrepreneurs – with high-quality design and the latest technology. An entrepreneur has different rights to an account than a private person. Because in the business context itContinue Reading

The month-long boom in tech stocks is said to have been fueled by one player –  Softbank . The Japanese group is said to have bought massive stock options on technology stocks. Before the slump of the past two days, tech stocks in particular experienced an unprecedented boom . Tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook and TeslaContinue Reading