A Marketing Strategy Which Can Bring More Traffic To Your Site

One of the newest forms of internet marketing, pixel marketing strategy is a type of social marketing which is really taking off at a fast pace. As a social network marketing company I am seeing more companies start to use this concept of advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, My Space and twitter. Basically you will be creating a pixel that will show up on the side of your page whenever someone clicks on one of those buttons. This is basically a mini advertisement for your business or brand. There are many different types of pixel styles, colors and formats in pixel marketing, but in essence this is essentially a small advertisement that appears on the top corner of the screen when someone clicks on a link to a website.

Top 11 Pixels to Add to Your Website - Propellant Media

You can do this with any one of the thousands of social networks that exist today, MySpace being the largest and most talked about. Using a pixel for marketing strategy is very cost efficient, especially when compared to traditional forms of marketing and advertising. For example using a banner ad or paid search engine optimization you may have to spend thousands of dollars on placing these ads on hundreds of websites. The best thing about using a pixel is that you can simply place your ads wherever you choose, it does not matter if you’re using a mobile device or not.


It can also be used on Facebook and other social networking sites for generating traffic. In fact, many of the larger marketing companies are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel by focusing their marketing strategies on mobile devices. It is estimated that there are around 65 million people who have mobile phones, which makes mobile marketing an important part of a business’s overall marketing plan. Mobile marketing helps businesses get closer to their consumers, while still providing them with access to the information they need. So, if you have not started implementing a pixel for your business, it is time that you do so today.

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