Cricket Shoes – The Right Cricket Equipment For Your Game

Over recent years, the amount of cricket shoes on the market has increased drastically. With so many different options, it’s hard to figure out which pair will best suit your requirements. Whether you bowl half-pad cricket, medium pace or fast bowlers, off-spinners or spinners, off-speed bowlers or spinners’s, all require a different type of cricket shoe to get the best performance. This article identifies the main types of cricket shoes currently on offer. Best deals on cricket shoes in affordable prices are available at Western Sports Centre.

Cricket shoesspiked cricket shoes are very popular with off-spinners and spinner’s as they offer great grip on soft ground and give excellent batting techniques. They are designed for extra grip on soft surfaces and offer great control and solidity for batting. Two types of spiked cricket shoes are – full rubber with steel spikes.

Full rubber cricket shoes are lightweight and flexible. They have no spikes and are the recommended footwear for beginners as they allow the bowler to learn the basics without much stress or burden placed on their feet. They are very easy to run in and can absorb impacts without any signs of damage to the foot or ankle. These types of cricket shoes are the perfect footwear for the novice bowler who has the ability to bowl at an optimum height and weight for their foot and strength to bowl at that height and weight. As well as offering great performance on the field, they are comfortable for regular use.

Full rubber cricket shoes also come with a PVC inner sole which is also good to support and grip on the ground. The PVC inner sole is constructed with heavy-duty rubber for long lasting durability. The outer sole is made with PVC too but with a thin layer of foam to provide good grip. This combination provides good grip and makes it easy for the bowler to bowl on a flat and hygienic surface.

Next there is the Ankle Cricket Shoe, which is built with a thick rubber outer sole and a light piece of EVA heel. The rubber outer sole helps in preventing cramp around the ankle while the heel counter acts as a buffer between the heel and the ball. The EVA heel absorbs the pressure from the foot to prevent injury and gives excellent support and comfort. The ankle is the most vulnerable part of the body and is subject to many risks such as cramp, twisted ankles and many other foot related injuries. Therefore it is necessary to choose Cricket Shoe that is best suited to ankle health.

Another important feature of Cricket Shoes is the midsole. The midsole is the flexible part between the outsole and the upper portion of the shoe. It helps in absorbing shock and protects the wearer. Usually a midsole contains rubber, EVA or polyurethane foam. There are several brands of Cricket Shoes that are made up of a midsole material, all which have their own advantages.

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