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Welcome to the third installment of the “Indian Mortgage Broker Guide” series! In this article we are looking at Boot Camp, an interesting concept prevalent in Mumbai and similar cities in India. Boot Camp is a boot camp for homebuyers to sell their property quickly at a discount. The concept is not new to the Indian Mortgage Brokers in Indian real estate market – the Government of India had launched a similar program many years ago, but it never gained much momentum as many homebuyers did not have the finances to purchase a new home.

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However, as time moved on, homebuyers became more receptive to the idea of Home Based Business. The number of home based businesses grew drastically during the 90s, resulting in the Home Based Business industry enjoying a boom. At that time, many Indian home loan mortgage brokers were established to cater to the needs of the new home based business owners. These brokers offered services such as guidance in selecting a home based business, negotiating with home loans with various lenders and vendors, dealing with closing costs etc. Today, these brokers are still around and serve as a great help to many homebuyers.

Although the mortgage brokers in India were helpful during the early years of the Home Based Business industry, they lagged behind in providing their services today. As the market scenario has changed and the need for mortgage brokers has grown, the Indian mortgage brokers too have adopted this change in mindset and are becoming experts in their field. They provide their clients with complete assistance in choosing the right mortgage type, the right vendor and deal with all closing costs and other expenses involved in buying real estate property. Today, most homebuyers prefer to go with mortgage brokers India as they are better skilled and experienced in their field and able to meet the expectations of their clients perfectly. Thus, it can be said that today Indian mortgage brokers are well equipped to serve their clients in the best possible manner.

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