The Best Architects of New York

For the last thirty years or so, New York has been home to some of the best architects in the world. New York has attracted some of the best to design their homes, commercial buildings and parks. The list of New York’s best architects is so long due to the abundance of talent available to them. From the conceptualization of the first apartment building in New York to designing the finest park in New York City – there is a long list for the New York designers.

To narrow down the list to only the best i2C Architects in New York City, there was no easy task. A good architect always looks towards the future with fresh ideas and innovative technologies, yet maintains respect and appreciation for the historical and cultural context and the various projects they design. Here are the most famous architects from New York City that you might want to spend time knowing.25 Best Architecture Firms in New York, NY (Updated April 2020) - Architizer JournalOne of the most important jobs of any top architects is to create a museum that will be able to tell its story and tell the world what it is that they designed. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find them involved in the creation of famous buildings such as museums and parks. In fact, the best architects of New York City have been responsible for the construction of the world’s largest and most innovative museum – the Guggenheim Museum.

Though the best architects of New York City have been busy constructing buildings and making contributions to society, there is still much more to their work. They have often been named as the ones who helped shape the American city. The styles of New York City – both past and present – can be seen in the monuments, buildings and parks designed by these same great architects. Some of the most famous structures in New York City are the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Pyramid.

One of the most famous and interesting projects in New York is the manmade island known as Bedrock. Designed by famous architects of New York, the Bedrock Island project was undertaken in response to an environmental problem – the island would need to be abandoned if something was to be done about the damage that a landfill left behind. The fifteen best architects listed above owe their credit to this feat – although many other structures in New York City have also been made with their designs.

Some of the best architects of New York can be found operating within the world of theater and film. Others names that you may have heard of include Arthur Young. So when it comes to finding a great architect, head over to your favorite search engine and do some searching. You’re sure to come up with the names and credentials of a number of great architects.

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