Traumatic Back Injury Lawyer

A traumatic back injury refers to any sort of injury resulting from falling, lifting heavy objects, car accidents, or sports injuries. The lower back called the lumbar vertebrae, and the cervical spine, which is located between the lumbar vertebrae and the ribs are most susceptible to injury resulting from trauma. In addition to the lumbar vertebrae, other areas of the spine are at risk including the sacrum, thoracic spine, peduncle, and cervical spine. The injured person may be inflicted with various abnormalities such as spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint involvement, herniated lumbar disc, cervical spondylosis, and thoracic outlet deformation. Hence here need for an expert traumatic back Injury Lawyer from Cueria Law Firm arises.

In such cases, the client is treated under the care of a medical doctor, who in turn is advised by the back injury lawyer to go for surgery. However, when the doctor informs the client of the likely complications of the surgery, it is usually time to think again. Surgeries such as a hernia can press severely on delicate nerves that are close to the spinal cord. It is in such a case that one needs the help of a traumatic low back injuries lawyer. The traumatic low back injuries lawyer will take up the case of your accident and will ensure that you get justice and fair compensation.

Many people suffer from various forms of spinal compression while engaging in daily activities. For instance, the common way in which spinal discs are compressed is by using a chair. It is always recommended that one should avoid using chairs with rounded edges. Also, avoid sitting in a position where your legs are bent backward as this places a lot of strain on your lower back and lumbar region. In order to avoid such traumatic back injury, one should make sure that he always uses proper posture while sitting.

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