Young professionals optimistic despite Corona

According to a survey, many young professionals are not afraid of unemployment even in the Corona crisis.

Accordingly, only ten percent of young professionals fear not to find a job in the next few years. However, many are apparently short of money: Only 16 percent are satisfied with their financial situation. That was the result of a representative survey of 1,043 young professionals by the opinion research institute Yougov. The client was the financial services provider Tecis in Hamburg.

At the same time, only a good third (34 percent) said that a high salary was important to them. A balanced ratio of work and leisure time (48 percent) and nice colleagues (47 percent) are therefore more important. In the survey, young people who are just about to complete their training or who have a maximum of two years of professional experience count as young professionals.

A majority sees the future in rosier colors than their current situation. Almost three quarters believe that they will be better off in terms of work, finances, living conditions and with regard to family and friends in five years. “Young people continue to rate their career opportunities positively – despite the recession, short-time work and unclear developments,” said Tecis board member Sönke Missfeldt. The company is part of the Swiss Life insurance group.

Framework data for the survey

The data is based on an online survey by YouGov in which 1,043 people took part between July 28th and August 14th, 2020. They were asked about their medium-term perspectives, their current life situation (job / career, finances, living and family / friends) as well as their current attitude to Corona. In future, this report will appear annually and show long-term developments in a barometer.

Among other things, the following questions were asked:

Which of the following aspects are particularly important to you in your professional life?

  • high salary
  • independent working
  • Work-life balance (compatibility of work and private life)
  • social commitment
  • recognition
  • flat hierarchies
  • meaningful work
  • Training opportunities
  • Career opportunities
  • something else, namely:
  1. nice colleague
  2. I do not know
  3. varied activities

What are you currently most concerned about?

  • my financial situation
  • Fear of not finding a job
  • Fear of getting sick
  • general uncertainty about the future
  • Fear of not being able to cope with the course
  • Losing family members or friends
  • not having sufficient financial means in old age
  • something else, namely:
  1. I’m currently not worried about anything
  2. don’t know (dpa / rw)

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