Your account at Qonto: business banking for entrepreneurs and the self-employed

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a suitable business account? Qonto offers a banking service that is specifically tailored to the requirements of entrepreneurs – with high-quality design and the latest technology.

An entrepreneur has different rights to an account than a private person. Because in the business context it is no longer just a matter of appropriate account management fees, sufficient ATMs or being able to carry out your own transactions quickly and easily. If you need any account history then visit to accounting History blog.

Especially companies whose teams are growing quickly should rely on a business account that also gives new team members or freelancers access quickly – ideally with personalized limits and rights. And that’s not that easy to find.

The later Qonto founders Alex and Steve also had to experience this. For their first company together, they were looking for a business account in 2015 that met their requirements – to no avail. The business accounts that existed back then were all too complicated to use, too time-consuming and lacked modern financial management tools.

And so the two decided to revolutionize business banking for SMEs themselves and founded Qonto – a neo bank that offers entrepreneurs exactly what they need. At Qonto, it’s not your team that adapts to the account. But the account that adapts to your team.

The Qonto business account: it’s inside

With the Qonto business account , team expenses can be managed super easy, because every employee receives their own Qonto Mastercard. This can be done in a matter of minutes and can be completely personalized so that each employee has their own access, for which an individual limit can be set. All expenses such as expenses, transport, travel or marketing expenses can be managed independently – while an admin has a full overview of all expenses at all times and can adjust the set limits if necessary.

Employees can make transfers independently that only have to be approved by the admin – this simplifies workflows enormously. SEPA direct debits and collective transfers are also possible and also save time. You also benefit from the super-fast VIP customer support that you can reach at any time by email and phone. And all of this at fair and transparent prices.

The advantages of the premium business account from Qonto at a glance:

  • Account opening in just ten minutes
  • VIP customer support by mail and phone
  • Virtual cards – ready for immediate use
  • Clear overview of all expenses
  • Personalized tags for a good financial structure
  • Smart accounting functions such as unlimited sales history and separate account access for accountants
  • Payment in foreign currencies
  • German IBAN

Even more good reasons for Qonto:  

Qonto is 100 percent digital and therefore much more sustainable (and faster) than a conventional bank with unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork.

Qonto has its own core banking system and is therefore independent of the infrastructure of other banks – this also means 100 percent security for you as a customer.

Started in France, Qonto is now active in four countries, including Germany, Italy and Spain.

With QontoBoth physical and virtual payment cards can be created for all employees and are ready for immediate use. There is a large selection of payment cards. Whether Mastercard One, Plus or X (the first Business Metal Card in Europe, by the way): Each card adapts to the respective needs of its employee. You can set payment limits and your own PIN codes for locking and unlocking the cards. Everything is possible, from online payments with a 3D secure code to cash withdrawals at machines and other premium features. Every card is available in every tariff, also called plan at Qonto. As a self-employed person, for example, you can use the Solo Plan for nine euros a month and still apply for a Metal Card. Do you need an unlimited number of users for your many team members, choose the premium plan and receive up to five physical and an unlimited number of virtual Mastercards. Last but not least, every card comes with Mastercard insurance to protect you and other users.

Over 100,000 companies already use and love Qonto. This makes Qonto the fastest growing challenger bank in Europe. Do you want to be part of the movement? Then open your Qonto account now! New customers use the Premium Business Account for 30 days completely free of charge and without obligation.

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