Easy and safe investment: invest up to 12 months for free with growney

With the award-winning Robo-Advisor from growney, you can invest in affordable ETF savings plans without stress. Quite simply online and without clutter: set goals, open a depot and lean back.

It is not easy for anyone who wants to invest money. The interest on fixed deposits is in the basement, the roller coaster of the share prices is just stressful. And the appointment with the financial advisor in the branch bank? Annoying and in the end pushing you into things that you don’t even need. Isn’t there an investment that will bring you a good return in the long term and where you don’t have to worry about anything? Easy to use online and without hidden costs?

Yes, there are. Test winner growney makes digital investments very easy and lets your money grow – with ETF savings plans. You can start now and benefit from all services free of charge for up to twelve months.

Set goals, open a portfolio and lean back

growney invests in market-mapping ETFs from 45 countries worldwide with an optimal risk-return ratio for every type of investor. The scientifically sound passive investment concept performs better on average in the long term than active fund management. An automatic rebalancing of the depot and the tax optimization bring out the best for you. In normal market phases, after deducting all costs, your growney account achieves an average return of up to 7.65 percent pa *

Be it asset accumulation, retirement planning or home ownership: the award-winning robo-advisor growney will work out the best investment strategy for you. You can answer the questions conveniently online and in a few minutes. Growney’s strategy recommendation offers you the right mix of stocks and bonds depending on the desired return and investment security. After graduation, you just sit back and watch your money grow.

Flexible, transparent and without hidden costs

You can pay one-time sums into your growney account, add a fixed amount every month or both at the same time. The minimum investment is either EUR 500 as an initial deposit or EUR 25 per month in the savings plan. It’s your money and you can always run in and withdraw it. And all for free.

You can view the performance of your investment in detailed reports on your laptop, smartphone or tablet – anywhere and anytime.

growney keeps the costs of the investment as low as possible and, as an online asset manager, can do without expensive infrastructure expenses – important for the compound interest effect of the investment. At growney you get a transparent fee strategy so that you always know where you stand: there is a service fee, everything is included. Depending on the value of the deposit, it is 0.39 to 0.99 percent per year. For example, with an investment amount of EUR 10,000 you have costs of only EUR 69 per year, with EUR 50,000 it is only EUR 195. ** This puts growney far below the average fee that branch banks charge for asset management.

Growney: Access on all devices.

Now for t3n users: Growney for up to 12 months for free

Users of t3n get the investment at growney for free in the first few months: Depending on the selected minimum investment, growney waives the service fee for up to 12 months.

  • From 1,500 euros investment: 6 months free of charge
  • From 5,000 euros investment: 9 months free of charge
  • From 10,000 euros investment: 12 months free of charge

Invest money safely and easily

Investing at growney offers security at the highest level – TÜV-tested and Bafin-controlled. Growney customers receive an account at the Sutor Bank to which only they have access. Payouts are only made to an authorized reference account via mTan. The data is on servers in Germany. The client’s assets are subject to the statutory deposit guarantee, the deposits are protected against insolvency in unlimited amounts as special assets.ETF savings plan with growney

Make a fortune with the test winner

The growney concept has won over the trade press. In a test by 32 robo advisors, Wirtschaftswoche named growney the top robo advisor 2020 . Also Finanztip recommends growney with its favorable cost structure, the low minimum investment and the very good customer service as a robo-advisor. Customers are very satisfied on rating portals such as Ekomi. Here growney achieved a score of  4.5 out of 5 possible stars .

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